Paediatric Care Koramangala

Paediatric Care

We share your commitment to providing the best healthcare for your little bundle of joy. Our Paediatric specialist, Dr. Punith recognizes the supreme importance of your child's well-being from birth to 18 years of age.

Stay assured about your child's personalised, comprehensive medical attention throughout their developmental journey, while supporting you in nurturing you in bringing out the full potential of your loved ones.

neonatology clinic koramangla


From Perinatal consultations to Emergency care and high-risk follow-up clinics, we offer a wide range of specialised services to ensure that your cherished little one receives the best possible care.

Our Neonatologist, Dr Punith is committed to delivering complete care for your newborn.

vaccines clinic koramangla


Our clinic provides meticulous administration of vaccines for both children and adults, ensuring a painless and efficient approach to keeping the immunizations up to date.

nutrition in koramangla

Growth and Nutrition

Placing great emphasis on Nutrition Planning, our doctors ensure you healthy, all-round well-being. Adopting a patient-centric approach, the plans are advised in order to align with your individual lifestyle, guaranteeing suitability and effectiveness.

General Medicine Doctors in koramangla

General Medicine

Led by our experienced Physician, Dr.Bhavishya with a strong emphasis on accessibility and attentive care, supported by latest diagnosis and research-backed advice and treatment plans to treat chronic illness and diseases.

Diabetes Clinic in koramangla

Diabetes Care

Dr.Bhavishya, has a special interest in the field of Diabetes Management, and is committed to helping you maintain optimal sugar levels. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the most suitable medication, insulin and diet regimen planned by our physician to suit your lifestyle.

hypertension clinic koramangla

Hypertension Management

Hypertension is a chronic and multifactorial diagnosis that affects the life you led. We understand your blood pressure levels based on lifestyle and medicine history. We create a routine that caters specifically to your needs, ensuring maximum benefits.

blood test koramangla


Get the convenience of ECG, blood tests, and other diagnostics supported by modern facilities and advanced equipment, at one place. We are NABL-accredited, and have a team of renowned laboratory experts to ensures accurate and timely evaluations.

pharmacy stores in koramangla


With our in-house pharmacy, you can conveniently procure your prescribed medications, ensuring a smooth and efficient process without any last-minute rush to local pharmacies.

We believe that treatment should start before you leave the healthcare premises.